Whale Pod off the mainland, exploring the waterscape.

It is not enough to just look at whales… On our boat "it is a matter of the heart!"

Travel on a boat that gives you:

  • Joy from whale closeness
  • Knowledge of their social life and behaviour
  • Knowledgeable staff to answer your questions
  • Safety, stability, comfort and security from the evolved design of catamaran "Sail-A-Way", naval-architect designed and purpose-built to allow you a 360 degree walkway.
  • Walking on water close to the whales'
  • Home cooking, tea and coffee, adding a touch of 'home comfort' to the beautiful sea experience
  • The crew with many years of local experience of Albany's waters and landscape - not only competent sailors, but considerate and friendly carers
  • The guarantee you will return free, until your hopes for a cross-species whale meeting have been experienced
  • 'Sail-A-Way' is located on the Albany waterfront, in front of the Albany Entertainment Centre
  • Read what our guests have to say about their experiences on "Sail-A-Way" in the Visitors Comments and Feedback Tab.

Sail-A-Way twin hulled vessell.

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