Whale tail impressing the crew and passengers on board the Sail-A-Way.


Writing about me is a mystery for me, but I know what I get thrilled about. I have always loved the 'wonder glow' when faces shine, or tears form as people respond to the power, beauty or fragility of wild things and wild places. Seeing a whale is always stunning for me, but the warmth of joy comes when I take others into these extraordinary opportunities. When a human engages, a light comes on; attention is utterly focussed. I watch this in my guests, everyday. What a privilege...laughing with children...supporting people through moments of sickness or all the power of emotional experience. My life in the wilderness is a gift. Thank you.


Though I am not a 'sailor', I love being involved in assisting John and the crew make whale-watching such an unforgettable experience for our passengers. One of my passions is cooking, so it is my delight to prepare scones and jam for the folks who choose to whale-watch on "Sail-A-Way". Handling bookings and the inevitable accounts are also duties which fall in my lap. No problem!! I trained as a high school teacher of business subjects so you could say that accounting is also one of my passions. Just as well, I suppose! My favourite tours are the summer Twilights. They give me the opportunity to be part of the crew in a 'marine' manageable way (for me), as well as meet and chat with the interesting folks who choose to sail with us.


I love the ocean, whether I'm bodyboarding, kiteboarding or sailing on Sail-A-Way, I just love being on the water. My first serious time on the water was when I did a 10-day sail training voyage on the Leeuwin, sailing from Albany to Esperance. It was hard work but great fun. I returned to the Leeuwin as a watch leader and spent 3 weeks doing 3 voyages covering the trip from Geraldton to Exmouth. My upbringing was unconventional. I only completed 1 year of primary school, dropped out of high school after Yr 8 but ended up finishing high school in Byron Bay. I completed a Degree in Computer Science at Curtin University, then spent 2 years as a software engineer. Buying a 'round the world ticket' I spent several months in Europe but most of the year in British Columbia, Canada. Returning to WA I didn't fancy a 9-5 office job so worked on farms and travelled Australia before settling in Albany.


I started my boating and yachting passion at a young age, sailing small craft on the Swan river and progressing to ocean cruisers, including America's Cup crew contender to Southern Cross and Australia One. When I was 16 I joined the navy as a clearance diving doing a trip to Vietnam. My love of the ocean includes the sport of surfing. I have been surfing for 48 years, two times Australian Champion in the Over Fifties division (short boards), currently I am in the top six for the Over Sixties division (long boards) I have been coaching surfing and ocean awareness lessons professionally for 13 years along the south coast. I have had my Master Class 5, skippers ticket for 27 years, cray fished for 12 of those years on the west coast and the last seven years I have been a crew member and skipper on the whale watching yacht, Sail-A-Way for John and Forrest Woodbury. My other interest is campaigning to protect our maritime environment.


Hi, I'm Anke. My father was a seafarer on merchant and passenger vessels and I was conceived at sea, somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. I lived and studied in Hamburg, Germany, at a Steiner school, and also spent three years studying at University in Hamburg. I came to travel Australia in 1990/91 and returned to get married and live here in 1995. I have lived in Albany and surrounds since. Now I am a mother of 4 beautiful kids:-) I love travelling, love the ocean, love working on "Sail-A-Way" and I love meeting people from around the globe.

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