Impressive Whale sighting, jumping out of the sea.

10 June 2017

We headed straight for the breaching whales - eventually to be surrounded - twenty breaches close by as well as two large Humpbacks coming close to our boat.

9 June 2017

Seven or eight Humpbacks in a breaching group - often quite close to us, but I enjoyed the two large animals that floated beside, behind and under us for a long 'trusting' time.

8 June 2017

Sailing off Bald Head a number of breaches.  One Humpback swam behind us in our wake, surfing along like a dolphin.  A great morning.

7 June 2017

Distant breaches - distant sightings - distant blows - distant long last delightful company of humpbacks right at our hulls for a good long look!!

6 June 2017

Two distant breaches attracted us to three Humpbacks as they journeyed on their north migration...a lovely sighting

5 June 2017


Many Humpbacks at a distance - but at wit dolphin companions came to our boat and ooched close by.

4 June 2017

Three Humpbacks came right under our trampolines and past our stern, staying for quite a while.  Dolphins all round the boat....many with babies!

31 May 2017

Nine Humpbacks today, of all sizes and ages....Five showed very aggressive behaviour towards each other....tail slaps and breaching.  Thrilling to watch from the boat.

29 May 2017

Three Humpbacks - metres from Sail-A-Way - staying for half an hour with many breaches close by.  A great start to the season!

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