Impressive Whale sighting, jumping out of the sea.

5 October 2017

We have loved caring for whales in your company.

Thanks from the team...Forrest, John, Tony, Anke, Aaron, Peter, Sunny, Janica and Lew.  See you on a Champagne Sunset Cruise this summer.

Our 2017 Whale season over!!

2 October 2017

Wonderful!  a Southern right whale.  It came very close to our our joy!  Dolphins swam with us and we passed seals and albatross, ending with a lovey sail.

29 September 2017

Many Southern Rights in the Sound today....Emu Point Channel, the lookout, outer markers.  We found three in the harbour... stayed to enjoy a mother and calf.  We enjoyed seals and hungry dolphins.  We'll decide if we are going tomorrow, tomorrow.

28 September 2017

Four Southern Rights - 2 mothers and calves, came close to check us out.  We had dolphins on a glorious sail along Nanarup Beach....then home with the wind giving a fast beautiful ride!

24 September 2017

Two Southern Right whales, very trusting....seals, sea lions walking towarts us...leaping dolphins, albatross and wonderful companions.  Joy!

20 September 2017

Calm sailing over to Nanarup.  We had a short, close encounter with 2 Southern Rights, then seals at Breaksea Island.

17 September 2017

Today a typical day at the moment....we tried to find the 3 whales our spotter found for us but could not.  We enjoyed the fabulous blowholes  and cliffs of Breaksea Island and did see the seals, sea lions, dolphins, albatross and Southern gannets.

16 September 2017

For the last few days we have had 14 or so Southern Rights - in mother and calf pairs - every day.  some of them come close to us - alongside.  today, one calf was breaching almost "on demand" so we came home late.  Nobody minded!!!

13th September, 2017

Lucky 13!  Morning and Afternoon. A mother Humpback and the calf we watched being born a few days ago:  the Southern right calf that also watched and two other Southern Right families of mother and calf - wonderful viewing.  Heartstopping wonder!!

Sunday 10th September, 2017

Plenty of Southern Rights all around King George sound and across to gull Rock.  Also 1 Humpback mum and calf.

Friday 8 September, 2017

Well!  What a day!.  Six different mammal species, Humpback mother and calf, Southern Right mothers and calves, Australian sea lions, New Zealand fur seals, dolphins ....Oh! and humans!!!  Joy!

Tuesday 5 September 2017

One Humpback mum and baby. Eight Southern Rights - 2 mums and little ones at Nanarup Beach.

Monday 4th September 2017

Seven Southern Rights - hanging out in the rip and surf at Nanarup Beach.  Great Day!

Friday 1 September 2017

Spring - passing heavy showers but the Southern Right, Humpback and newborn calf made up for it!  Joy!!

30 August 2017

What a beautiful winter's day out on the ocean.  We watched a mother Humpback and her calf showing off some tail slapping and breaches.  Also saw some seals, sunbaking...and some stunning coastline.

26 August 2017

South east winds - a yacht driving into chop - spray - wonderful.....then 5 adult whales and calves showing off their skill.  Two breaches.

25 August 2017

Great sail to Nanarup Beach  where we saw a calf doing "baby breaches" with mum watching.

23 August 2017

A great day to be on the ocean.  Two Southern right mums and their babies at Nanarup.

11August 2017

Gusty north north west winds - great sailing and also great whale watching.  Four Southern Rights, then  seals on Breaksea Island.

30 July 2017

Conditions not the best today but we still managed to see Humpbacks east of Breaksea Island.  Then we were lucky to see 2 Southern Rights as they swam around our boat much to the delight of our passengers.

30 July 2017

Conditions not the best today,  but we  still managed to see Humpbacks at the east end of Breaksea Island.  Then we were lucky to see 2 Southern Rights as they swam around our boat, much to the delight of our passengers!

30 July 2017

Conditions not the best today,  but we  still managed to see Humpbacks at the east end of Breaksea Island.  Then we were lucky to see 2 Southern Rights as they swam around our boat, much to the delight of our passengers!

30 July 2017

Conditions not the best today,  but we  still managed to see Humpbacks at the east end of Breaksea Island.  Then we were lucky to see 2 Southern Rights as they swam around our boat, much to the delight of our passengers!

25 July 2017

Today we have seen peaceful Humpbacks in the Sound.  Then for 30 minutes 8 Humpbacks dashing...dashing...slapping and half jumps close to us...coming and going.

Yesterday...same water ..  same boat...4 Southern Rights laying on top of the water, close to us...calmly courting.

Albany - a place of wilderness; shockingly wild and beautiful.

23 July 2017

Southern Rights - 4 of them lying beside our boat Sail-A-Way - hard up against a headland in a calm patch of water...ignoring us as they pursued courtship!!  Amazing!!

18 July 2017

Most of the 15 or so Humpback whales were "full of energy" today, dashing about in a huge rush - then close to Bald Head - others in pairs, dawdling about!  Wonderful!!

12 July 2017

Strong winds forecast...but we went out - had fun, found whales...AND  2 Southern Right whales found us.  Came up close and we had a good look.  Nobody minded the rain!!  Joy!

10 July 2017

This amazing whale season continues for Sail-A-Way, Albany Whale tours.  Today we had humpbacks breaching all round our boat, often two at a time.  Adult humpbacks coming up to our boat then swimming around the boat - often below us...chasing each other...beside us...often leaving us speechless.

10 July 2017

Twelve Humpbacks in 4 pods...forming groups....splashing and charging...often close to our boat...then dashing away...then back beside, under, close to us as they went about their lives.  Magical!!  check out pics on our Facebook pages.

6 July 2017

A Humpback mother, juvenile and calf in sheltered waters - a close look.  Very still...with 6 more very active in the choppy waters off Bald Head.  A great adventure.

30 June 2017

Sixteen passengers - all overjoyed.  Whales breaching 10 metres from our boat!!

28 June 2017

We have been in company with Humpbacks every day of June...seeing breaches, tail slaps and the beauty of these animals in many ocean behaviours...calm and adventurous.  Come and see for yourself.

25June 2017

King George Sound had whales easily found...everywhere - and when we turned off our motors and sailed in silence...the whales responded.  Quiet music...inquisitive and enquiring whales - as one of our passengers said in the silence.... shockingly she tapped her heart.

21 June 2017

Two Humpbacks heading to Bald Head. Only stayed a short time.  Went in behind Breaksea Island to see the seals.  Our reward was also 3 Humpbacks tail slapping and showing off!

17 June 2017

We reckon 10-ish whales - very trusting, but not very everybody comes back free!!!

13 June 2017

One lady said...."We are blessed"... Three whales  separately came and lay beside our boat...then for over half an hour, other breached repeatedly, close by.

10 June 2017

We headed straight for the breaching whales - eventually to be surrounded - twenty breaches close by as well as two large Humpbacks coming close to our boat.

9 June 2017

Seven or eight Humpbacks in a breaching group - often quite close to us, but I enjoyed the two large animals that floated beside, behind and under us for a long 'trusting' time.

8 June 2017

Sailing off Bald Head a number of breaches.  One Humpback swam behind us in our wake, surfing along like a dolphin.  A great morning.

7 June 2017

Distant breaches - distant sightings - distant blows - distant long last delightful company of humpbacks right at our hulls for a good long look!!

6 June 2017

Two distant breaches attracted us to three Humpbacks as they journeyed on their north migration...a lovely sighting

5 June 2017


Many Humpbacks at a distance - but at wit dolphin companions came to our boat and ooched close by.

4 June 2017

Three Humpbacks came right under our trampolines and past our stern, staying for quite a while.  Dolphins all round the boat....many with babies!

31 May 2017

Nine Humpbacks today, of all sizes and ages....Five showed very aggressive behaviour towards each other....tail slaps and breaching.  Thrilling to watch from the boat.

29 May 2017

Three Humpbacks - metres from Sail-A-Way - staying for half an hour with many breaches close by.  A great start to the season!

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