Impressive Whale sighting, jumping out of the sea.

20 August 2018

Lots of whales seen today.  A friendly pod of 4 Southern Rights breaching and tail slapping.  Lots of 'high five' fins!! Playful dolphin at the front of the boat.

19 August 2018

We sailed in bright sunshine around to Middleton Beach, where we saw a mother and calf Southern Right.  Then mooching out to Nanarup we saw more Southern Rights.  Lots of seals on Breaksea Island, playful dolphins and a fantastic 'porpoising' seal on the way back from the islands.  Cute sooty oyster catchers having fun on the rocks near Whaler's Cove.  Awesome Day!

18 August 2018

A small pod of Humpbacks breaching near the islands.  3 Southern Rights relaxing in a sun-bathed King George Sound.  Lots of seals enjoying a sunny winter's day on Breaksea Island.  Everyone delighted with many encounters with the wonderful wild creatures of coastal Albany.

16 August 2018

Sighted 2 Southern Right whales - a mother and calf - as well as many seals and a pod of dolphins at Breaksea Island.  Then further round at Bald Head we encountered 2 Humpbacks. 

26 July 2018

Nine whales sighted today...2 Humpback mothers with brand new calves; 2 Southern Right mothers and calves and 1 juvenile Southern Right by itself.  Several breaches out deep.  The mothers and calves all chose calm, quiet water, much to our delight!

20 July 2018

What wonderful whale sightings....15 or 16 Humpbacks mother and new calf....all around our boat....sunny beautiful day...friendly amazing whales...yummy food and drink.  What more can one ask for?  Magical!

13 July 2018

What a FANTASTIC day!  The young people on board, turned the stormy day into a wonderful adventure....and the whales joined in.  Several powerful breaches - some whales up close to us ...stormy spray, but calm behind the headlands.  Wonderful!

6 July 2018

Fabulous.  We watched 2 Humpbacks that our sails allowed us to enjoy.  Quiet as mice....then the two calves at Bald Head.  Two more at Breaksea island and seals, sea lions, with dolphins playing at our bow.  Joy!!

29 June 2018

A pod of 15 or so Humpbacks came from nowhere .....surrounded us and charged around us - all at an amazing pace.  The actions enchanted us all.

28 June 2018

Wet, wild and windy.  Lots of breaching out in the rou9gh Southern Ocean.  Cow, calf and midwife close to the boat.  Many Humpbacks in King George Sound. Six good sightings.

25 June 2018

Sailed to Bald head.  Seals, dolphins and at least 8 Humpbacks.  Four swimming across our bow.

22 June 2018

Perfect weather - light winds, lightly overcast day Then ,sailing towards Bald Head when suddenly - the most enormous breach...a Humpback burst completely out of the water about 10 metres from the front of the boat! WOW!!  It felt like it might land on the boat!  Later on, close sightings of 5 - 6 more Humpbacks.  Thrilling sightings.

21 June 2018

Many Humpbacks near and around the boat - too many to count...over 30 in all!  Magic!!

20 June 2018

Plenty of Humpbacks between Bald Head and Breaksea Island - about 15....Mum, baby and midwife - In the distance many whales breaching! A wonderful morning out on Albany water with spectacular scenery all around.

16 June 2018

Fabulous - 4 Humpbacks cut in front of us, slowed down and stayed just in front drifting along - us being 'showered with their breath as we went along.  Then 4 more. 

Coming home, dolphins came to play with the kids at the front of the boat.

13 June 2018

The Humpbacks are surely travelling up from Antarctica and heading up to the warmer waters near Broome. Today we enjoyed interactions with 6 Humpbacks - 2 pods of 3 whales just past Bald Head.  A great deal of breaching - much to our passengers' delight!

12 June 2018

Altogether we found 9 Humpbacks cavorting in Albany waters - 3 of them in the middle of the Sound and 6 more near Bald Head.  We are so lucky to have these magnificent animals so close to Albany and reachable within 609 to 90 minutes!!

11 June 2018

Cruised directly to Bald Head where we encountered 6 friendly Humpbacks who showed much interest in our vessel.  Later, mid Sound three more Humpbacks appeared.

9 June 2018

Travelled out around Bald Head and towards the Gap.  Nine Humpbacks surrounded our vessel - much high energy action much to our passengers delight.

8 June 2018

Amazing displays by 5 Humpbacks - chasing each other in mid Sound and across to south of Mistaken Island. Whales stayed around us for nearly one and a half hours.

7 June 2018

Back out there with many eager guests - but only that lone Southern Right was found.  Hopefully there are more Humpbacks on the way. 

5 and 6 June 2018

Mother Nature threw all her rain and wind at us - so, sadly, no tours out into the Sound.

4 June 2018

Balmy weather - billowing sails - sunshine and abou9t 10 Humpbacks and 1 lone Southern Right whale - around us, under the boat, very close....keeping us company for over an hour.  Magic!!  Mother Nature at her best!

3 June 2018

1 adult Humpback and calf - many dolphins jumping.  following our vessel and racing it.  Thrilling footage. (Checkout the wonderful video posted on our Facebook page by David Govan).  Many seals, fish and birds.

2 June 2018

A fabulous 'whale welcoming' trip.  (It was the Welcome the Whales Festival at Albany's Historic Whaling Station Museum - and we were out in King George Sound near there looking out for the arrivals).  Seven Humpbacks - two very large, 50 metres from us for a while, then, on our way home, 5 juveniles abandoned their play to charge at and under our boat, treating us all to a 'breathy-blow' shower. 


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29 May 2018

Four or five Humpbacks, two juveniles and a 'spotty' younger and smaller.  They took great interest in us, coming alongside to explore - Wonderful!  The ocean was calm after the storms and gave a chance to watch the seals and sea lions.  The great start to the season continues.

Sunday 20 May 2018

Our first whale tour for this season after a very busy and exhausting three weeks of repair, refit, refurbishment etc. 

Four Humpbacks in bright sunshine, out past Breaksea Island where our Certificate of Operation permits us to take you.

Over 20 black seals on Breaksea Island - 6 more at Bald Head.  4 Very rare Australian sea lions.

Large flocks of seagulls floating over a shimmering mass of bait fish - probably mulies.

Coming home with dolphins in glassy seas - the icing on the cake!



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