Impressive Whale sighting, jumping out of the sea.

We can’t imagine how to top this experience. Well done John and crew, better done whales.

1st Denmark Scouts, Denmark, WA

What a lovely way to spend the morning Excellent crew!

A Moir, H Henderson, Perth

Thanks for the awesome experience!


I saw miracles!

Adeline Ngui

The trip was amazing and wonderful. Enjoyed it very well. Thanx John and the team. Thanks for the food as well

Agnes, Malaysia

Cold, windy, dolphins, scones, seals, John, WHALEEES, Sunny.

Ah Kay & Ah Boy

Amazing tour I’ve ever got since in WA. Thank you.

Ahzab, Stit, Indonesia

Toptastic - enjoyed seeing the whales and eating the scones!! Thank you.

Alex & Neil. England

Amazing. Two whales came up to the boat to have a look at us Wow!. Thanks you John and Tony for a wonderful, wonderful day.

Alex - Perth

Great time. Big whales.

Alex Howell

Epic!:) A great experience! Thank you so much! Amazing views, very informative!

Alex Smith & Katie Rowley, ON, Canada

Awesome trip, awesome jam! Keep it up!

Alexis B Trepanier, Quebec

Too speechless!! So ‘whaled’ up at the moment. This is definitely worth getting seasick for the whole year!

Alisa K

Felt like a kid again! So excited and thrilled. The ocean, the whales, the sun, the clouds - a day to store away in my memories. Scones were wonderful, Thanks Forrest!

Allan & Ann Hudson

Wonderful trip. Great outing. Will absolutely recommend.

Allan & Zwanny, Falcon Mandurah

Very amazing watching the whales breach. Very good scones too!

Allan, (13) Mandurah

Thanks for an enjoyable morning. Blue Whale sighted - Awesome!

Allen & Suzanne, Perth WA

Brilliant day. If I could afford it I’d go out everyday in whale season. Different every time.

Allison & Peter, Albany WA

A misty morning and 8 humpbacks, lots of seals...a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to come back! Crew was wonderful as well.

Alok Rathi, Singapore

Totally AMAZING!!! Enjoyed ourselves with John and Tony. Would definitely visit them again the next time we come to Albany. Cheers!

Alphonsus & Sarah

Really enjoyed watching the beauty and whales. Thanks for the scones, going where we wanted and the tips on not feeling seasick really work!

Aman, Karuna, Remi, Vinod, Perth

One of the world’s most beautiful creatures and thanx to John and his crew we were able to see them over two very emotionally happy days. Thank you guys, we loved it!!!

Amanda & Mel McKenzie, Bertram WA

What an awesome day; saw Humpbacks, Southern Rights (extremely up-close) and dolphins. What more could you ask for?! Great service also

Amanda, Albany

What a grateful journey. Lets conserve our beautiful oceans.

Amar, Netherlands

I love seeing the humpback whale and experiencing the whales and it was great fun.

Amaru, Perth

So far, this has been one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. Thanks a log.


Amazing trip, truly magical! I loved every bit of it. Lovely service and excellent staff. Thank you so much for these wonderful memories. John, you are a great tour guide, extremely entertaining and brilliant at your job. Thanks x

Andrea Curley, Ireland

Well worth the trip from Scotland!

Andy & Caitlin, Scotland

Having cruised all over the world, this has got to be the best ever! Peaceful, pleasant and altogether invigorating. A MUST for everybody. Thank you.

Andy & Wren Hopper

Fun and informative. Had a fantastic Day, Thank you. :-)

Andy ‘n’ Stelle, Perth

Top notch!

Andy G

Thanks for fantastic scones and coffee. The whales were nice too!

Andy Motl

Fantastic trip. Thanks for a great trip. Unforgetable experience and Kelly will be back down to do it again. Great scones!

Andy, Edna, Kelly & Joshua Hiles, Perth

Totally breathtaking display of wild nature at its best. Fantastic crew and all round experience.

Andy, Joondalup WA

Overall a great trip and a wonderful experience. Thanx.

Angeline Liau, Malaysia

We’ve never seen a whale before and then so close. Thanks for the flute. We’ll come back!

Anjert Tory from Germany

Never seen a whale that close! Magnificent!

Anna, Matt, Ronya, Lotta Torben from Windrose B&B, Denmark

Thank you for a truly unique experience - the sailing was wonderful, the waves a lot of fun and the whales memorable.


Lovely scones, fabulous day and lots of whales. Thanks

Anne Simpson, Albany

Awesome experience! Great to see whales in their natural environment. Appreciate the respect shown towards the whales.

Anthony, Naomi, Kelly-Ann MacGregor

Very good to see whale and seal. I love this tour.

Antonio Li, Taiwan

Great experience! Committed and joyful staff and seeing the whales this close was super!

Arjen Blom, Singapore

Awesome day. Saw 10 whales and one came right up to the boat to say Hello. Amazing experience, thanx guys!

Arthur and Angela Cunningham, Mandurah

Wonderful experience. So close up; so idyllic. Felt like William Wordsworth and wanted to write poetry! Well done skipper and crew.

Arthur & Helen Marshall, East Fremantle, WA

We are glad to have gone with this company because of the great friendly passionate staff. Very welcoming and great experience. Thanks a lot.

Ash & Erica

Great day. Saw heaps of whales and had a good time.

Ashley Friend

No whales seen, but a great day all the same. Friendly staff and great cruise.

Ashley Friend

Was a wonderful experience. We enjoyed our day. Will definitely come again. Thanks John and Sunny.

Aubrey & Louella, Fremantle 3/6/14

A repeat performance today, Thank you. Magic yesterday and superlative today.

Barb and Tref Jones

Great Day, Great crew, beautiful boat. Thanks. Not too sure about the recorder, nor were the whales!!! Memorable.

Baz and Tan Stephens, Rockingham

Today was a thrilling experience for me as I have never seen a whale before. John’s ‘natural’ calling, and viewing is great as well as his wife’s cooking. Thanks :)

Belinda Bannister, Denmark Ag. College. WA

We had an amazing time watching the whales and seals. Thank you

Bella, James & Rebecca, Mallorca, Spain

Thank you John Geoff and Rachel for a wonderful whale watching adventure. Your advice, knowledge and excitement at seeing these wonderful creatures made the experience one we’ll never forget. We definitely chose the best boat and crew!

Ben & Kirstie, Melbourne, Vic

Thank you for a wonderful!!! adventure. Both had a fanatastic time :)

Ben & Kylie Krutops, Perth

Truly unforgettable! John and Tony are the best. Delicious food!! Thanks and will be back and recommending to friends.

Beowleng, Perth

What a lovely way to spend a birthday. I saw some beautiful friends the whales today. Will come again sometime.

Beryl Meulenbrook Kordebup

What better Christmas presents for my 4 American family could I ever purchase. Thank you John. It was life changing.

Beth Franz, Denmark, WA

Thank you for a lovely, friendly morning.

Betty Campbell & Ailsa Gould, Qld.

Our 2nd trip and the most amazing experience! Watching the whales leaping and dancing in the air was one of the most extraordinary sights we’ve ever seen - and probably ever will see.

Bev, Doug, Charlie & Jack Brown, Currambine Wa

A wonderful experience and great sightings of the whales. All crew friendly and obliging. :-)

Bill & Kathy, Tamworth

Best ever day. Will never forget. Thank you John and Tony.

Bill and Luz, Melbourne

Lovely day and lovely ppls. Thank you captain John and Geoff!

Billy & Agnes, Hong Kong

Life’s not all about business. It’s about living. Always willing to help with iPhone.

Bjorn de Jong, Bitgummole, Friesland

Fantastic great trip, - Scones great - See you soon

Bob & Doreen Stevens, Landbeach Cambridge, England

Captain, there be whales! Truly FANTASTIC. Made lots of ‘large’ friends today. Thank you for the experience.

Bob Tiegs, Sandra Kimmel Brooks, AB Canada

Memorable. Loved it.

Boyle family, Victoria

Beaut boat, beaut trip, beaut scenery, beaut crew, beaut morning tea - in fact, beaut, beaut, beaut!!!

Brenda Martin

Thanks to John and Tony for this wonderful experience. Seeing the whales breaching so close and so near the boat was far more than expected. A fantastic trip

Bridie and Tommy, England

Although it was windy and cold I enjoyed watching the beautiful coastline and marine life. Thank you for sharing your love and passion with us.

Brooke Griffiths

Had a fabulous time. We loved seeing the whales but not invading their space too much. Refreshing for people to put nature first. Thanks.

Brown Family, Perth WA 5 July 2010

A trip with John and his crew an absolute MUST for any visitor to Albany. Thanks xx :)

Bruce and Kerri Caporn, Perth

It was wonderful to see the whales so close to the boat. Friendly people and nice scones! Thank you very much for the amazing morning.

Carine, Amsterdam, Holland

Great food, friendly crew, great sights. Whales everywhere, dolphins racing with the boats and seals flapping hello. All over a great experience.

Carissa Lambert, Perth.

Wonderful moment on this boat. Enjoyed seeing mum and baby whales. Thanks to all.

Caroline Moireaux France

Heart lifting and Joy

Carolyn Kim

Wonderful, and thank you for the lovely scones, which were a touch of home. Much appreciated.

Carolyn Lucas

Breathtaking experience watching whales up close & personal. Beats a day at work!

Carter Williss, Mt Barker, WA

Message written in Chinese. Translation: My father said it is really a nice trip. Friendly staff, humorous explanation. Thanks.

Catherine Wu

What a truly amazing experience. An honour to see such fabulous mammals at play. Thanks for the opportunity to witness nature at play.

Catherine. Lancaster England

Great trip. Friendly, knowledgeable and caring - Thanks John and Tony. Great food also!

Cathy & Pete Muckett, Perth WA

I am down here on prac, thank you for giving me a wonderful, amazing and relaxing experience!! Definitely something that I will never forget!! ...and I will definitely be back!!

Catriona Adams, Perth

Flipping incredible :)

Celtina Booth, England


Charlene. Singapore

Amazing. Awesome trip. Enjoy a lot. Staff is great. Thanks to Albany Whale Tours team.

Chetan & Rekha, Bunbury, WA 2/6/14

Awesome! This is the best thing I have experienced on my trip down south!

Chia Wai Fong

Its such a lovely outing exploring and looking out for whales, seals and other sea creatures. Thanks John for this experience.

Choo Family from Sunny Singapore

Great Trip, lovely weather and plenty of whales. Great host. What more could you ask for?

Chris & Sheila Cotterill

This was a great experience, I will never forget it. I really enjoyed watching the whales. On a scale of 1 to 10 it gets 1000. One of my best life experiences even though I am only 10!!

Chris Hodges, Perth

A wonderful experience - not to be missed. Thank you so much.

Christine & Stephen Grice, York England

Great, Thank you!

Chung Kok Jung

Full of excitement and excellent trip. Wonderful. Thanks a lot.

CK Yee & Mizi Tan, Malaysia

I had a whale of a time. It was s-o-o-o fun!

Claire & Fraser, Perth

A fanatastic adventure that felt like a very personal experience!

Claire & Fraser, Perth

Day started off good with an excellent ending. I will be recommending people for sure!!

Clare and Rob, Perth

We had a fantastic trip and saw several whales along the way! Was looked after well too.

Clark Family UK 8/7/10

It was lots of fun. We had a good time. A cool experience, Thank you!

Cole Family, Perth

A great glad John and Helen convinced us to come on the boat.

Colin & Margaret Tonkin

As amazing as always - a must at least 2-3 times a year.

Colin & Shirley Taylor, Albanay

Oh my God...What a day. Sun, seals, whales and the best scones and jam. Thank you John and Tony. Be back soon.

Con & Melissa Sapienza (honeymooners)

What a wonderful experience! We enjoyed every moment. Thank you.

Conny, Nicole and crew, Perth and Germany

Crew were wonderful. Saw plenty of whales. See you next year!

Cotterill, Canning Vale, WA

This was the awesome experience I have ever had. Greatest thing on water. Thanks crew....almost better than sex!

Craig & Jay Pickworth, Brisbane

We did 2 tours and the second for free. What a generous invitation. We shared all the green dreams of John and had a wonderful time. We will tell about that in Perth many times.

Dagmar Dentin, Eckhard Rieke, Berlin Germany

Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Your soul is so in touch with Mother Earth and her beautiful bounty. Thank you too for going the extra mile for your guests. It will be remembered as the highlight of our trip to WA.

Dallas & Tessa King, Jo’burg Sth Africa

Thanks to John and Tony for an exciting and fulfilling day. (and for devotion above and beyond the call)

Dave, Janet and Becky. Perth and England

Amazing. Thanks so much - so good for respecting the whales. Thanks for helping to keep Benjamin entertained and looking after the whole family. Would love to come again with anti-sickness tablets!!!

Dave, Sue, Benjamin & Katie

2 great days and a lifetime of memories. Many thanks

David & Angela Dawson, Spain. 24 & 25 June 2011

It was a very nice day :) We have seen whales and the beautiful ocean. Now the sun is coming out and the sky is blue.

David & Annika, Melbourne & Germany

A superb trip seeing breaching whales...a total of 11. Brilliant!

David & Debra Luckens, Perth

Awesome!! Spectacular!! Amazing!! Thank you for letting us see God’s wonderful creatures - the whales, dolphins, seals and fantastic scenery. We had to come back a second time today as we couldn’t stop talking about it yesterday. Many Thanks :) THIS HAS B

David & Deslei, Victoria

Ten out of Ten! What a fantastic day. An experience of a lifetime!!

David & Lee, Sydney

Absolutely awesome - a Southern Right came alongside and ‘played’ with us, circled the boat 3 or 4 times watching us, and finished off by flicking its tail against one of the hulls and took off. One of the best encounters in our whale watching trips. Food

David & Wendy Whyte, Scotland

Fantastic! Everything we expected and more.

David and Diane

Loved every minute. passionate host made the day enjoyable. Tasty food too! Oh, and lots of whales too!

David Luong

Very enjoyable trip. Thanks to John and the team. The scones were lovely!!! and the seasonal jam.

David Pollard

Super day! We saw a Southern Right 2 metres from the boat. Was awesome! First whale I’ve seen ever. Fully grown Southern Right playing and swimming and saw another one logging!

David, Diana, Maddy, Jeremy Lyons, Redcliffe, Victoria

Both trips were lovely. Not many whales but great stuff and food; a fun time. Thank you.

Dawn & Ralph Williams, Mandurah

Thank you guys for the great day. Weather was rough, no whales but wouldn’t have asked for a better day.

Dean Gray Perth

Had a ball!! Thanks for the info about the geology. Awesome! :)

Deanne & Mick.

Seen whales in Canada, and off east and west coast of USA, but this was BY FAR the best trip I’ve taken. Thanks, John and crew.

Deb Harrell, Surf City, USA

Saw many whales, dolphins, seas and had great scones - beautiful day. Well Done!! Thanks!

Deb, Trace, Jake & Tanisha

Great crew, nice boat and amazing spottings.

Deborah Wyss, Switzerland

That was lots of FUN!


Super experience - gob-smacked in amazement - at one as close as possible with the magnificence of the creatures of the sea and of a seaman of same essence.

Delores & Zanne, Victoria.

Thank you for an amazing trip - over two days I saw surfing seals, albatross, baby, juvenile and adult whales...all topped off with delicious scones! I’d recommend your boat to mermaids!

Demelza Carlton

Wonderful, pleasant, well served, the children enjoyed the swim.

Den Boers, Albany & Perth

Amazing day! Thank you so much!

Denis, Ved & Irina, Perth

John and Tony. Thank you for your wonderful understanding of the whales. A truly beautiful experience. Thank you whales!

Des, Carol & children:7 July 09

Awesome crew, wonderful, informative commentary. Thank you.

Desiree & Robert, Perth WA

We had a great trip. Saw whales and enjoyed John’s commentary. Thanks John and Tony. Plan to tell all our friends back home to do this trip with you if they travel to Albany. PS. The scones with home made jam and cream were delicious :-)

Devika, Rijan, Mumbai India

How wonderful! We were part of the pod. They escorted us, came close to inspect us. I’m going out again to thank them.

Di, Perth :-)

This was a fantastic experience even without the sun. The last part was the best - a grand finale.

Dianne and Ray Kawkins

Excellent experience. Really making it a wonderful experience when you don’t control the “stars” of the show. Highly recommendable.

Dirk & Claudine Lapore, Perth

Extraordinary tour.

Dodi Sigit P. East Java

I’m from Bolivia. Thank you for the wonderful trip. I loved it..I’ll be back.

Donnelo Quiropa

Awesome! Thanks for lovely day!

Dony Kyn ‘Jan’

Thanks for a very interesting, informative cruise. Scones and sails a bonus!

Doreen & Ian Mathers, Canberra

Thank you for being such a wonderful human being!

Dorothy Maley

Do nothing different; everything was very enlightening. A great trip and top skipper and mate! Thank you!

Dot & Bernie Dillon

Thank you for a wonderful day. What a special experience to see both Humpbacks and Southern Rights putting on such a spectacular display.

Dot, Robyn & Sawal

This has been one of the most wonderful boat rides we ever had. The scenery is absolutely marvellous; captivating. John has given us a taste of rides - calm water to choppy water to big waves - a most entertaining joy ride that beats all sorts of rides we

Drs Mohammad & Nahid Kabir and boys, Perth WA

Thank you very much. It’s a spectacular show of the whales. Unforgettable!

Dyah Budi Hartati, East Java

No sightings but crew made up for that!!

E R Messon

Love and Thanks


It has been an absolutely fantastic tour - Everything excellent.


What a great afternoon; and the whales were a bonus.

Elaine & Peter Austin, Perth

Our first whales. Great.

Elaine & Peter, Wangaratta, Vic

Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day out. Whales, dolphins and great company. Learned a lot, relaxed and loved supporting a company with such great service and respect and knowledge for the wildlife we came to see. Thanks for a perfect morning!!

Elise Levine & Kim Charles, San Fransisco & South Hampton

Even though we didn’t get to see a whale, I think it was soooo worth it. :o)

Elisha Gray, Perth

This has been the best experience in our trip to date. Loved the guitar playing, stories, coffee and scones. Thanks.

Elly & Ron McLeod, Adelaide

Always love coming out and enjoying. But I finally got my jam too. Thank you. I love your Jam :-)

Emily (crew person)

Was a very interesting tour, learnt lots and had a great time! Thank you for the great time and lovely hospitality:)

Emily, Melbourne

Awesome whales and tasty scones. Thanks!

Emma & Ashley, Melbourne

Fantastic. Much better tour than the one we did in Augusta. Never seen whales so close. It was awesome.

Emma & Louise, England

When the whales started coming at us I got a bit concerned, but seriously it was so good. Beautiful animals, great crew and John!!

Emma & Marcel, Ireland & Germany

Fantastic! Saw whales so close. Great captain and crew. Enjoyed the yummy scones and tea! Thank you for an amazing experience!

Emma Herd and Lucie Buckingham, Scotland

I had a great time. We saw whales, seals and even dolphins. The crew and John were nice and funny.

Emma, Perth

Had a fantastic day. Such a great experience. Scones were fab. Thanks to John, Forrest and Tony.

Eric & Caris, Perth WA

We came here with 3 families which includes 5 small kids. John and the crew were very accommodating and entertaining. What a beautiful experience. Lots of fun. Thank you.

Essie & Haris Ekic, Perth, WA

How God is so great that my first time to see the whales live. So lovely and interesting day.

Esther O, Kenya.

An amazing experience, greatly enhanced by the crew of John Geoff and Tony. John’s recorder playing was an magical experience on the high seas, which I’m sure the whales also enjoyed.

Ethan Burns

A very special day. Will never forget. Thank you!

Eve Bolton

A very beautiful time and really good breakfast. Thank you very much :)

Fabien Dounor, France

We have had a fantastic time and it has really made our trip to Albany worthwhile.

Feedback survey

Great skipper. Truly unforgettable for only a boat ride. Thank you John

Feedback survey

Keep current format as it is supreme. Loved it.

Feedback survey

Best whale experience yet! Perfect!

Feedback survey

Thank you for one of the most amazing adventures! The whales made me want to cry!! Thank you for the very yummy scones as well. :)

Fellicia Kaw, Singapore

Absolutely exhilarating - what beautiful creatures. John is a wonderful skipper with lots of knowledge. A lovely experience. Thank you. Better than winning lotto!

Fran and Dom Scullino

Navigation bien tranquille dans alte splendide baie! Merci.

Francoise Lecoplain Reunion Island

It was a magnificent tour! We were blessed to meet 3 whales, up close and personal. It was going to be memorable. Thanks for the great snacks!

Frederic Hoo & Zachary & Meralyn Ong

Great crew and beautiful food. Thank you very much

Fridtjof Rudolph Germany

Great trip! Loved it. Thank you.

Gail & Terry Powell, SwanView WA

Had a great time and saw a lot of whales. Kids enjoyed their first ride on a boat

Gautang Saricen Surbai Grovrie

So relaxing. Very informative. Thank you for a fantastic morning and for my Gluten Free morning tea!

Gavan & Peta Mitchell, Margaret River, WA

A truly great experience! Maybe see you again.

Gavin, England

Wonderful trip Thank you. The gentle lap of water over the twin hulls was soothing too. Come and see us in Tassie.

Geoff & Nita Cooper, Forth, Tasmania

Loved it, very peaceful and exciting! Staff were awesome, but the whales stole the show..

Geordie from Glasgow

Even better trip!

Gill Stewart again!

Great Trip. Thanks

Gill Stewart, Lincoln, England

Thank you for a wonderful day and for sharing your knowledge John. The scones were to die for...real jam and cream!! Yummy.

Glenn & Jilly

Awesome; loved the swim!!

Glenn Bain

Thank you for the most amazing experience. The whales talked to us. I have wanted to do this for ages. A huge thank you for fulfilling my dream.

Glenys Russell, Kojonup WA

Wow! Wow! Wow! So amazing. We are going back out this arvo

Gwen :-)

Very excited. Beautiful place. Thanks a lot for everything:)

Habib Mustofa, East Java

Great tour, lovely to see so many whales. Very good service.

Hannah & Andrew Thomson

It was very good before we passed the rock, then it got very lumpy, I felt sick!! I saw lots of whales and everyone was nice.

Harry - 8 yrs old

I saw lots of cool whales, dolphins and seals. I hope we see a mermaid!

Harry, Perth

So incredibly amazing! Thank you very much. The most special thing I’ve seen. I feel privileged and honoured.

Hayley & Maitland Perth WA

So amazing to see them so close up. So lucky we are to live in this whale playground. Keep up the good work!!

Hayley Zimmerman, Albany

Generous, informative and passionate. Loved it. Best whale sightings right alongside.

Heather and Jim Allen2/6/14

Amazing. I’d love to come again.

Heather Bolton, Albany

There are no words to adequately explain the emotions felt to sail alongside one of these magnificent creatures.

Helen & Rob Humphrey, Ferndale

I liked the food and when the whale flipped

Holly Frederickson, Innaloo WA

Absolutely amazing. What an incredible (and life changing) experience. John you are a wonderful ambassador for appreciating life. Thank you very much.

Howell Family, Bedford New Hampshire, USA

Very nice! (More in foreign language)

Hyerin Kim

A very humbling experience! Nature at her Best!!

Ian & Helen, Bunbury, WA

Wonderful experience with nature. Thank you John and crew.

Ian & Siri Newman

Afternoon tour...lucky nice summer. John good storyteller..and good skipper too. Tony very friendly and good information about whales and surrounding life...OLD SEA DOG. Saw whales and seals. Good Day. Good experience too.

Ian Luca Mt Barker

The beauty and awe of seeing these magnificent creatures is indescribably. My soul was moved.

Ilona Dressner & David Everett

Fantastic day. Brilliant to see the whales in natural habitat. Humpbacks and Southern Rights. Awesome display. We’ll be back!!

Iran & George Birmingham UK

Absolutely fantastic to see such beautiful whales. Will never forget. God made them all.

Iris Daniels, Perth

Thanks for a wonderful time. Brilliant to see the whales. Really enjoyed hearing such a knowledgeable guide. Will definitely recommend.

Ishbel & James: Scotland and Cornwall

Hi John. Thanks for all. It was awesome experience! Best of luck.

Ivan Esteban

It was absolutely fantastic just going on the boat and seeing whales.

J Gibson, Seymore, Vic

You are so cool. Thank you for making me have a nice time, and thank you for answering my gravity question.

Jack Harris (7) England

What a spectacular birthday present! Thanks and blessings

Jacquie & Peter Allen, Kyabram, Vic

Awesome Experience. Really ‘blew my hat off’

James Blackburn

Epic! Love the whales and the view around Breaksea. Thankx!

James McAnulty, Albany

Fabulous crew and experience. You are the best, John.

Jamie & Andre, Macau, China

A very lovely experience, homely and caring with some very nice touches. We loved hearing all your amazing stories and the SCONES!!!

Jamie Chan: Perth

Thank you John and boys for a wonderful days outing, which we shall remember for a long time

Jan & Bernie Hansell, Kinglake, Victoria 4/6/14

Great experience, great attention to passenger comfort. We will be back!

Jan & Colin Flynn, Cirencester, UK

Thanks for a fantastic trip - Very special and great commentary.

Jan & David Mason, Isle of Wight, UK

A great tour. Yeh, we saw whales. Great crew, Tony, Sunny and Captain John.

Jan and Ian Sanden, Balgownie, NSW

We had a rare privelege today; not once but twice we saw both Humpbacks and Southern Right whales putting on a glorious display. Thank you for allowing us to come back for our second trip today...and happy birthday, Anke.

Jane and Darryl Leaker, SA

Thank you John and tony for a wonderful morning. You really love your work and really want us to enjoy ourselves and have a lifetime experience. Love from us.

Jane, Geoff, Faith and Keith

A great choice of boat....not many whales and rough weather BUT a trip with John was an experience in itself. His knowledge and love of imparting that to us makes him a very special man and we feel very previleged to have spent time with him. Thank you Jo

Jane, Move & Jox, 10 July 09

Loved it!!! Very humorous

Janelle & Wally Noppert

This is truly a day and an experience to remember. Your care of your passengers brings great joy.

Janet Blagg

A wonderful experience. Ticked another box for us. The whales were great; the crew exceptional. Thanks.

Janine, Mark & Rebecca Holdsworth Camden NSW

Magnificent experience from start to finish. Highly recommended adventure. Thanks.

Janine, Scarlett, Iris & John, Perth

Most fantastic two cruises we had! It felt like we were in the middle of a David Attenborough documentary in the making! Extremely informative and most enjoyable. Our appreciation extends to Geoff as well, for his exceptional customer service and the cont

Jasmine, Sien Long, Brandon & Rhian, Perth (Singapore)

First time on a whale watch tour and we saw a Southern Right. It came up close and “played” with us. Unforgettable!

Jason and Marsela, Singapore

Unbelievable tour. Highlight of our trip to Albany. Will definitely do again soon. Thank you.

Jason Kruszewski & Laurie Brewbaker

Thank you John. GOD BLESS. Love the whales.

Jaswan Kour, Bhagat Singh Gill, Panetam Singh Gill

An awesome experience and worth every dollar spent. Spectacular view of the whales, great crew, food and brilliant skipper! Thank you.

Jay Perumai, Malaysia

Thanks for this terrific day of sailing. It was the highlight of our visit to WA.

Jean and Ibeth Krah

Truly incredible!! We’ve been on a tour in Alaska, this one is far better! Passionate Captain. You can see he loves his sea-beasts! Beautiful creatures! Thank you very much for this incredible adventure!!!

Jean-Yves, Valerie, Gaelle & Isobel-Marine Gourmelon USA, France Perth

Really great tour: Nice staff and good snacks:) Love it!

Jeanine from Austria

Best trip!

Jeffrey Jnet

Amazing sight. Lovely scones. Thanks for a wonderful experience. John, you are a lovely man xx

Jen Bailey, Tracey Reynolds, Perth

Wonderful crew. Wonderful day. Beautiful!!

Jen Kett & Di Hunter, Albany

A great day. The explanations with the map as well as the physics lessons make it even more interesting. I’ll probably take another trip on my next visit to Albany. Many thanks.

Jennifer White

We wanted to say a very big thank you for the tour on Friday morning. Was fantastic to be able to see a whale so early in the season, and also to be able to experience it with someone who clearly loves the ocean and preserving it. We hope to be back in Se

Jenny and Ric - Perth

Was great, had the best 21st a girl could ask for; thank you for the great experience.

Jess & Di, Perth

It was a magical experience and I look forward to a next time!

Jesscia Rouse, Albany

Wonderful experience!! Finally got to see whales. Friendly crew and fantastic for everything.

Jesse, Mun Yee, Darius and Isaac

Great time and an awesome experience. Appreciate this opportunity to get a close view of the whale.

Jessica Jhu, St James, WA

John, “you rock” (the boat). I wish other operators respected the water, whales and environment like you. We’ll be back. Scones yummy! :0

Jewels & Family

Thank you. We saw the whales from a distance. Loved them.

Jewels & family

Thanks for a wonderful experience. I could sit and listen to you for hours. My word-of-mouth will lessen your cost on advertising!!

Jewels, again!

First trip was wonderful; second topped that! Host and crew are just marvellous.

Jill & Michael

Fabulous day - entertaining and informative - whales breaching!! scones beautiful, jam yummy!! Lovely company. Thanks xx

Jill, Geoff & Sarah Duckworth

Dear John and Crew. thank you for the magical experience of whale watching with you today. Your trip was respectful of the beauty of our marine life whilst also being highly informative, fact packed and interesting. We loved your passion and dignity for t

Jo and Michael, Melbourne

We all felt it was so much more than a whale watch - we had a whale of the time and I made friends with the ocean again. Thank you.

Jo Sharp, Albany

A wonderful experience for all the family - even the seasick ones. We will spread the word about the tour.

Jo, Tristan, Jessamy, Keely and Vefa

First time whale sighting for us both. A truly fantastic and memorable day. Thank you John and Geoff.

Joan & Roy, Perth WA

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip and especially to have whales to oblige. Thanks crew.

Joan and George, Central Coast, NSW

Very smooth ride - beautiful scones.

Joan Balney, Adelaide

Had a a great time - very informative and enjoyable! Thanks! P.S. Scones were yummy!

Jodie & Travis, Bunbury, WA

Awesome scenery. Great to see the whales. Beautiful. Lovely food and service too! Thank you.

Jodie Moohin, Mackay, Queensland

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

Johanna & Harry, Fremantle

Great Day! Made feel most welcome and very informative. Seen 7 - 8 whales and one breach. Best thing: not harrassing whales for that ‘extra’ picture.

John & Jo Haley, Wodonga, Vic

Skipper knew his stuff. Enjoyed the Trip.

John & Keery Reeves, Bunbury, (Maya and Wubin)

What a wonderful tour. The whales, sailing and beautiful bay made it a day to remember.

John & Suzie, Melbourne

Thank you for a great day! Loved the whale that came right up to the boat. Well done to the crew keeping the snacks dry even in the choppy waters that got you drenched! Recommend WARM clothes.

John and Mel

An inspirational learning experience! Totally beyond expectation. The preamble totally set up the tone. Thank you so much.

John Marybe Masarei, Perth, WA

A thoroughly enjoyable and educational trip. Thanks John and Geoff.

John McDermott, Brisbane, Qld

Absolutely fantastic. A brilliant experience. Thank you xx

John, Jacinta, Fynn, Ruby Neve Cunningham Perth WA

Just magnificent! 15 whales and plenty of action. So amazing! Thanks a lot.

John, Janine, Scarlett & Iris. 6.7.2010

Friendly host. Great trip with sightings of whales. Delicious scones (I had 3!) Will definitely recommend this to our friends! :)

Johnie, Yueying, Yongmi, Ah Bee, Singapore

Made the right choice by picking your boat. Had a great trip! Thanks:)

Joni and Nadav

We appreciate the warmth of feeling in the cabin. One is made to feel at home. We also find the captain quite knowledgeable and the staff quite hospitable.

Joseph Mboya Awino, Kenya

Wonderful experience. Scones great. Good company. Thank you, keep up the good work.

Joy and John Donsworth, Sydney

An absolutely amazing experience! Thanks, John for the lovely cruise!

Juan & Felicia, Singapore

Incredible experience! Nature’s beauty at its spectacular best. Thank you John and team. We respect you for respecting the whales. :)

Juan Luis & Sophia, Perth

Had a great experience. Thank you.

Judi Dyer

Amazing news of Humpbacks and Southern Rights - our first time whale watching and it was fantastic. Thank you to the friendly and informative crew too.

Judith and Mark Huygers, Surrey, UK

Fantastic morning. Breathtaking views of whales and tranquil beaches. Will definitely recommend to others and try to be back.

Judy and Greg Tucker, Mallala, SA

Awesome! Well worth the trip. Just remember to ‘strap your toes’ It really works!!!

Julia & Mark, Mindarie WA

Really made my trip worthwhile. Absolutely fabulous whales playing with dolphins as well. Best day of my holiday and worth the trip from England. Blue skies, sunshine, good company and great whales. Thanks a lot.

Julie, from Cornwall England

An amazing experience.. so close and knowing it wanted to be gentle..sends shivers down my back thinking of it again. Thanks.

July Parker, Victoria

What a wonderful trip! Three Southern Rights and glorious weather. See you tomorrow :)

June & Richard

Raw energy and brute honesty, open communication. AWE INSPIRING!

June & Richard, Inglewood, Perth. (Soon to be Albany)

Thanks for your company and comments. However, you forgot to pay!!

Justin 17 June

Cool experience and it is a lifetime memory! Yeah!

Justine Lim

Great boat.Fantastic viewings.

K Pike, Sunbury Victoria.

Has been an awesome experience. Thanks heaps for getting the Southern Rights so close!

Kaleena Carins, Tassie

Thank you, we had a great time; wonderful service, beautiful whales, great scenery.

Kange, Gill and family, Canberra

An amazing ride with John Geoff and Tony. Hospitality was superb! Lots of information provided by the Captain. This trip was fabulous. We’ll return for sure when we return to Albany in the future. Thank you for the experience.

Kangwei, Pauline, Guijing and Weegin, Singapore

An absolutely amazing experience. A revival of our senses. Thank you John and crew for a wonderful day.

Karen & David Wessauer, Melbourne

Fab day - whales, dolphins, seals. John kept up a lively, entertaining commentary and Sunny kept us well fed and watered. Thanks guys.

Karen & Peter, London

Majestic whales; frolicking, playful dolphins and lazing seals basking in the sun. What more could you wish for. Just being on the open sea with the sails up is enough for me! and oh, those yummy scones and pies!! THANKS for the memory.

Karen Allen & Noel Palmer, Perth

Here we are back again! having a ‘whale’ of a time. A new experience and adventure each time out. Nothing beats the wind in the sails!

Karen and Ken Allen, Perth

John’s passion for sailing and his compassion for the environment has made this trip a truly amazing experience.

Karen Fitzgerald

Absolutely fantastic!!! Way surpasses our expectations.

Karen, Graham & Ash, Perth

Peace, calm at one!!!

Karla Bell, England

Totally amazing. Such an experience and privilege. Thank you and your wife for the scones.

Kate & Edel, Ireland

Thanks for a whale of a day!! He! He! It was great to be on such a great tour run by enthusiastic and caring people.

Kate & Michael

A flirtatious encounter with a Southern Right whale...ended with a playful slap on the bow and a cheeky grin. We also saw two Southern Right lovers who had far more time for each other than they did for us. The most wonderful morning. Many many thanks.

Kate and Tom

Thank you very much. I had a great time:) xox

Kate Fitzgerald, Denmark Ag College

Best and most informative whale watch I have ever been on. Lovely! And the scones and jam was tops too!

Kate Logan

Awesome scones! Whales, scenery, seals, divine. Thank you.

Kate McRae, Albany

Many thanks to John and his team for an amazing experience. Your love and appreciation for these animals is breathtaking. Well done.

Kate Wright, Ellenbrook, WA

Very Good

Kath & Margaret Hasell, England

What a gift to be able to come out this morning. Its always different on the water - another perspective.

Kati Thamo, Albany

To beat the scones, the whales had to be pretty special - which they were. A thoroughly informative and passionate day on the high seas - John, you have shared your love for the whales with us both. Thank you very much!

Katie & Simon Gillett, Melbourne, Vic

I want to really come back - really really!!

Keely Case (5) 9th July 09

Absolutely amazing - breathtaking to see our first whales and dolphins! Crew were great too. Thanks very much.

Keith & Laura, Northern Ireland

Very enjoyable. Great food and very relaxing and no disappointments from staff or whales.

Kel, Bibra Lake

Thank you so much John and crew. The experience was awesome and an unforgettable picture in their mind that will last forever. The looks on the kids’ faces and in their eyes was priceless. A magical moment worthy of nature. Many thanks, bless nature.

Kelly Mader, Boyup Brook Primary School

Really interesting. I really like the boat. Thanks for the ride, Captain Pugwash!

Kelly Smith

Very enjoyable trip! Food and company were fantastic and John was absolutely brilliant and made the trip just that much more enjoyable! Can’t wait to come back!

Kelly, David, Cassie

Very enjoyable, informative and a great experience to see the whales, dolphins and seals. Great food. Thanks to John and Tony.

Ken & Judy Merrett, Bendigo, Vic

I’m so glad I came back for another trip. This morning was just as good as yesterday, although a completely different experience. How exciting to see whales breaching! Thank you again for a 2nd wonderful trip.

Kerry & Ed, England

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! It was fantastic to see so many whales and even some dolphins and seals too! What made the trip even more special for me, was the respect the Captain and crew have for these magnificent creatures. I felt I cou

Kerry & Ed, from England

Absolutely loved every minute of trip. Landed right in middle of 5 whales. Great skipper (thanks, John) who showed true passion. Thoroughly recommend.

Kerry & Mike, Bunbury, WA

So awesome! Whales, dolphins & seals! Wow! Thanks!

Kindles from Texas USA

It was heaps of fun! Food and dolphins were good.

Kirsten Taylor

Thank you for the day. I have never seen anything so amazing!! Lovely scones too. :-)

Kirsty Smyth, Albany WA

Best experience ever!!!

Kitty, Yolanda, Manyi, Mandy, Louise, Sunny, Vivien, Vince

It was an amazing experience to watch the whales mate and talk to each other and to come close to us.

Kristee Nostrini, Albany 15 Aug 2010

Informed commentary, sensitive, rewarding, complete satisfaction. Nature touring at its best. Joyce, Rory and Barry.

Kruijswijk, Walsh Family, Kojonup

Absolutely heart-touching moment. Your contribution to the environment is special. Thank you.

Kumi Kato. 27 August, 2010

Nice flute!

Lambert De Beuker & Sarah Zuig

Wonderful crossover from the industrial lifestyle into nature’s wonderland. Keep it up John and gang.

Larry & Judy Boston. Albany

Lovely cruise with the friendliest crew - and the first time I’ve ever felt perfectly well on a boat. Beautiful!

Laura Garlick

Thanks so much for a fantastic experience. I will never forget this - the whales are so wild and majestic. John and Tony, you were fantastic - I learnt so much! Driving the boat was lots of fun too!!

Laura Hodges (14 years)

It was amazing. Great tour, great whales, great food:)

Laura Nolte, Kathrin Sorg, Germany

So well organised - relaxed and friendly - highly informative. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lauren Marwick, Sue & John Negus, Albany & Perth

We have seen whales. It was a real great experience.

Laurent and Adrian, Paris, France.

Thank you for a great morning. Very enjoyable.

Leonie, Rochelle, Tyler & Bree, Bunbury

Awesome trip. John you were a pleasure to listen to. Thank you.

Lesley Bail

Wonderful. Great whales. Glenys got emotional. Thanks John, Forrest and Geoff

Lesley Briscoe, Albany WA

Great trip - superb presentation by whales and John.

Lesley Owen

Magical day, perfect weather, compliant and wonderful whales and great crew. Couldn’t ask any more!!!

Linda & John Allanson, Mandurah

Cream teas and whales, surreal way to spend my birthday. Wonderful!

Linda, Alex, Andrew & Yasmin. Dumfries, Scotland

Amazing time with you guys. Thanks a lot!! :)

Lins, Nat & Amelie, France

Absolutely amazing! The whales were spoiling us with their close presence.

Lisa, Tamina & Ursula, Switzerland, Albany

A grand day. I’m powerful glad to have been, seen and absorbed the grandeur of the sea - my, how fortunate am I.


Best day of my life. Great company...and we did see whales. Wonderful experience.

Lloyd and Margaret, Cairns, Queensland

Great trip thanks. Enjoyed the banter as well as the whales! Friendly staff; good being close to the elements. Loved it. Thanks to you all. Have been on both tours - this was the best!

Lois, Bob, Erin & Holly. Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK

The crew are fabulous. 6 Humpbacks. Awesome Albany.

Lorraine & Darren Luker

A most wonderful day and the weather was so good. Joys. Thanks John for a lovely day.

Lorraine Burrows

Another chapter in the wonderful book of life!!

Lou Schrama

Really nice! Best jump, even if I’m totally wet! Thanks for the whales and sea lions.

Louis Galland

Fantastic experience. John and his crew are indeed the best. Cheers!

Louis Tay & Family, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Awesome trip - up close ‘n personal with the Humpbacks. Great commentary.

Louise, Kristian & Rebecca, Perth

A great trip out to sea with beautiful conditions with like-minded people. got close to a Southern Right, amazing creature!! A step closer to paradise!! ( and a peaceful, relaxing long weekend).

Loure & Daniel, France & WA

Such an awesome day and wonderful experience.

Lynda, Swan Valley, WA

Fantastic morning, saw lots of whales! John is very knowledgeable and a great host. The hot snacks were a lovely idea. Thank you very much!

Lyndsey & Jason, Scotland

It good voyage at Western Australia. Amazing and amusement.

M. Shoim, East Java

It was a very interesting trip! he whales were amazing and the food and the entertainment very, very good! Thanks a lot!

Mack family, Germany :) 9.7.2011

Brilliant. Welfare of whales took precedence.

Madden family, Ireland

A superlative wildlife adventure and stunned by the beauty of Breaksea Island. Way beyond expectations on every count. Thank you.

Mandy Loton & Vivienne Stewart

Saw some impressive whales and seals. Thank you!

Marc & Silvia, Perth

Very good. I love it. :-) Beautiful animal.

Marcus, Hong Kong

Great time, lovely people, WooHoo whales! Amazing scones and funny commentary. 9 whales!

Marcus, Jen, Ayla, Celina, Mackenzie, Perth

Awesome. Something I can tell my grandchildren. Thanks

Maren Krodel

Very informative and entertaining. Amazing whale sightings - bonus. Thank you

Margaret & Bill, Brisbane

Very good trip. Wonderful to see whales. Seas nice and smooth. Great company.

Margaret Carolan, Dubbo, NSW

Whilst I am back in Queensland the memory of my whale tour/s is still vivid and I am sending feedback from my special time spent there. At the Tourist Information Centre you are given a choice of whale tours and seeing your boat with its beautiful sail fe

Margaret King, Qld.

Absolutely fantastic experience. Would recommend to anyone wanting a good experience. Great staff.

Margaret Last, NSW

When the whale jumped out of the water I said “am I dreaming?” to my Mum.

Margot Kelsall, Mosman Park

Peace and tranquility - at one with nature aboard a 21st century vehicle. Fabulous day, weather, company, staff and commentary. Will highly recommend to friends to sail with you.

Marie McCooke, Badgingarra

One of the highlights of our 2 weeks in WA. We live on Brisbane Water (Central coast NSW) and didn’t think anywhere else could match it, but Albany, King George Sound comes very close! Fabulous!!!

Marjorie and Denis Sidery

Its a really good trip. Spotted a few whales and seals. Food was lovely. Really nice ship: Great day!

Mark & Apple Vos, Perth 25.6.2011

We have named John “The whale whisperer” a term of endearment. We hope you keep giving people your wonderful “GIFT”

Mark & Carol, New Zealand

Perfect weather. Plenty of whales and dolphins to be seen. John and Tony were fantastic hosts. They were a mine of information.

Mark & Rita Young, Ryde, NSW

Great cruise, more than we expected. Whales, scenery, sailing, hospitality and scones!

Marlene & Noel Banks Mt. Macedon.

An amazing and memorable experience which we will treasure forever!

Martin, Ailish, Miamh, Conall and Eimhin Laverty, Northern Ireland.

Good viewing. Very lovely. Great scones!!

Mary & Kate, Yarraville, Colac Vic

Loved it, thank you.

Mary Baker & David Cohen, Perth & USA

Great day out. Amazing!!! Will recommend and hope to be back sooner than later. xxx

Mary: Perth 25.6.11

Thanks John and crew. We had a ‘whale of a time’!! Fantastic trip, sailing along the beat to top off a great morning of whale watching. Best wishes

Maura King& David Moore, Ireland

This cruise will be highly recommended to all our friends and acquaintances. A great learning experience from a well-informed, interesting teacher and captain. Thank you John and Tony for a wonderful morning.

Maureen & Ralph Moore, Bateman, WA

Our first whales! Thank you!

Meelis, Kailie & Kirke, Estonia

Great experience:)

Melissa Pepe, Rockingham

Glad I was persistent on getting the vessel out on a tour this afternoon because I had the experience of a lifetime up close to a whale :)

Mellissa Brien

Unforgettable. My first time on a whale watch cruise and we saw whales, birds, sea lion. What an amazing place is Albany! We are so lucky to live here. A wonderful time. Good company and most of all we were gifted with a close encounter with a whale. Than

Members of the Albany Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Club

The jewel in the crown! A magnificent morning of absolute pleasure! Follow your dreams!

Michael & Margaret Ryan, Victoria.

We had a great trip and felt very welcome at all times.

Michael, Nassin

Fantastic tour! Wonderful friendly skipper and crew. Great experience for all!! Thank you!

Michael & Mandie Hooker, Warnbro, WA

Visiting from UK and not sure what I would see so early in the season but “blown away” by all the wildlife - whales most definitely included! Felt all were well looked after - us and the wildlife - Thanks for a great trip or two!


Fantastic day! John is so knowledgeable! Whales obliged us.

Michele & Kim, Albany

The staff were friendly and helpful. The bonus was that we saw a whale breaching, twice! WOW!

Michele from Southcoast NSW

Bloody excellent. Will come again.

Mick & Jill Garner

My first whale. It rocked. Loved it, will come again.


Absolutely awesome. Five majestic creatures of the sea curious about us. Thank you.

Mike & Kerry Matusiak, Albany

Fantastic experience with a personal touch (thanks for the gluten free scones) We’ll be back, we had a whale of a time :)

Miranda & Hayley

Unbelievable. Great day out. Back again soon.

Monterossa family, Albany

Thanks heaps for this really nice trip. We really enjoyed your friendliness and your strawberry jam! (Thanks to your wife). And thanks again to the whales :)

Morgane & Yoann French, Fremantle

Thanks for a wonderful sail. Lovely scones and great company.

Morrie & Kerry Seivwright, Cue WA.

It was a very lovely cruise for all of us who are from Vietnam. First visit to Albany.

Mr Phan, Mrs Hong, Ms Loan, Ms Ngoc

First out on a sail boat. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

N Davis, NSW

We had a very memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience, watching the whales and seals so up close and personal. Thanks to John and this team for giving us this fantastic experience! Their friendliness and expertise really made the experience even sweeter a

Nancy, Amos & Naomi, Singapore

Sensational. Thank you John for a very special Anzac morning. The full moon shining, we’re waiting for the sun to rise.

Narelle & Gavin Wakefield

Great to go out with someone who valued the whales and considered them. Thank you for a precious experience!

Narelle Tait, Perth

Lovely day!! Very relaxing. The whales are amazing. The crew very friendly and hospitable. Would recommend this trip!!

Natalie and Fabian Tai, Perth

What a fantastic ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and adventure!! Many thanks to John and Tony for your hospitality.

Natalie and Keith Dunstable, England

Thank you so much:) It was such an amazing tour, and being so unique. The scones were awesome too:)

Natalie Marley, Denmark Ag. College

What a great day. Whales, seals and superb commentary. Thank you so much!

Natasha Baker

Our first time watching whales. Very nice crew and passengers. Must do in Albany!

Nathalie and Solanno, Brazil

I loved getting wet! but now my jeans are all tight. Milo was yummy and so was the food. Thanks

Neka, Perth WA

It was the best day I’ve had in my life. It was fantasmagaricol!!**

Nicholas, Dalkeith WA

Brilliant views of breaching humpbacks! Thanks for a great trip.

Nick & Frankie Owens, Weybourne, Holt, Norfolk, UK

Great day out. Nice ship and very hospitable crew. The size of the boat makes the experience very intimate and homely.

Nick Kovac, Perth

Beautiful creatures. So worth it. Thank you John and crew for your wonderful commentary, hospitality and expertise. See you again soon!!

Nick, Kate, Michael, Frank & Constance

Face to face with a Southern Right. Best thing we have ever experienced. Thank you.

Nigel & Kimberley. Baldivis, WA

Just a perfect day.

Noel & Robyn Ward, Sunshine Coast.

(Judy’s 40th birthday). Such awesome animals. You can’t help but get emotional! Thank you!

Nostrini Family,

Just awesome. Well done. Excellent cruise.

Nuala & Andrew Scott

It was a wonderful experience. John was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Thanks for bringing us through this great tour!

Nur Athirah & Farah Singapore 11/6/14

Blissful day. Very exciting. Chat rather than lecture...great info. plenty of whales, provisions perfect.

Olive Rowe

Absolutely wonderful! all those beautiful whales and dolphins and seals. A wonderfully happy morning. Great crew as well. Many thanks.

Olive, Western Aust.

Amazing! Finally get to see the real whales! Unforgettable! Thanks to John and the boys. I have a good day!

Ong Zhi Hui Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Entertaining, informative and very nice scones and tea.. Saw whales, dolphins and seals. Great day. Thank you.

Pam & Kevin Idle, Mandurah, WA

Fabulous time on board. Whales put on such a show for us. Got photo of the last three waving goodbye. Thank you. It was a pleasure.

Pam & Richard Gray. Green Point NSW

A great natural experience, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Friends, whales and scones!!

Pam and Bob Keily, Bendigo, Vic

What a wonderful memorable experience. Thanks.

Pat & Mel Kemp, Adelaide

cold, wet and windy and great! 9 whales. Skipper and crew were awesome. Can’t wait to come back.

Pat, Sarah & Eryn Molloy, Borden WA

We enjoyed the picturesque view of the shoreline. Best of all, to be able to see not one but many whales on this beautiful day made it an unforgettable experience.

Patmakantan & Tara, Perth

Change nothing - loved every minute of it, especially John’s knowledge and passion.

Paul & Bev

Fantastic adventure - up close & personal with lots of Humpbacks.

Paul & Patricia Gates, Cairns

Whales Rock! So does Tony! Awesome experience - love to come back! Thank you!

Paul and Louisa, Glasgow, Scotland

A truly wonderful experience with great insights. Many thanks.

Paul Desmond

Fantastic. Very good fun and showed respect for animals.

Paul Noade, Yvonne Taylor, Ireland

Fantastic day. Lots of jumping whales :-)

Paul, Ireland & Lara, Germany

Never mind not seeing the big ones. The crew and seals made for a fine cruise on a fine day.

Paul, Melanie & Erin

A fantastic cruise - most enjoyable with plenty of information.

Paul: Borehamwood, England.

Magic - loved the atmosphere and music. Thanks

Peg Wray

Had a lovely day, saw a few whales and John and Tony great guys with a lot of knowledge.

Peg, Ron, Ross & Mandy. Gosnells WA

a brilliant morning of sun, sailing and smiles. Fantastic crew and even saw dolphins and a seal. Money well spent!

Penny Karandonis & ‘Bowser’

Five star Wonderful.


One word - Fantastic. Best yet.

Peter & Coral Thornton, Torquay, Victoriaa

Even though we had to go out twice, both times were so different. The sails were up the second day and these made the trip just beautiful. We still didn’t see any whales but I didn’t feel cheated. The trip was great.

Peter & Lorraine Redmond

Wow! What an amazing experience. Can’t wait to get home and show our children and grandchildren. A million thanks for such an amazing day.

Peter and Chris Catelotti, Dubbo, NSW

Highlight of our holiday to WA. So good we decided to extend our stay an extra day to go a second time. John and crew - fabulous; scones amazing, wildlife at its amazing best. Thank you.

Peter and Jan Hill, Berrigan, NSW

An enjoyable experience - excellent commentary and delicious morning tea. Thank you.

Peter and Lyn

Loved it; and what a relaxed atmosphere. No strangers on this ship.

PG Leighton, an ancient mariner!

Small business always seems to be friendlier and more enjoyable. We loved it and the scones were yummy!!

Phillips family, Perth WA

Wish we could come every day! Thanks so much; had a fab time.

R0b & Ally, Reading England

What an amazing experience. So privileged to be able to see so many beautiful whales in a spectacular part of the world.

Rach, Rob Evan

Wow! What a great trip! (Holly (8) “Even if we don’t see whales its pretty cool Mum” Need I say more! You rock John! Kate xx

Ranson family, Secret Harbour WA

So thankful for such an amazing encounter.

Raquel Gonzalez, the Netherlands

No word describes how good whale watching is. We loved the wind, the waves, the crew, the experience as well as the whales and the seals. Albany Whale Watch cruise was recommended to us by an old, old mate (since 1960). He said ‘don’t miss it! We didn’t!

Ray & Fay Carlin. Green Point, NSW

Loved it all. The strawberry jam delicious; first time had lovely music played on a boat and the first time on a sailing yacht. Good luck for the future.

Ray and Marj Coxon. Yealering WA

I have never ever seen so many whales in one trip. It was amazing ...and because it was mummy’s birthday. Nature’s birthday present.

Rebecka Stam

Great to be out in the Southern Ocean! and see the whales - our little 2-year-old loved every minute.

Ren, Drew & Sam South Fremantle.

Well we definitely saw the ‘wild’ today as John would say! Southern Rights and Humpbacks alike. We met them all, showing us their bellies, fins and tails. I was totally lost for words watching their love dance with tears streaming down my face. Truly awes

Renae and James Stratton WA

Thanks for a great day whalewatching and sailing, as well as the enthusiastic commentary.

Rhonda Bloomfield, New South Wales

A wonderful way to see Albany from the sea with a skipper full of the joy of life.

Rik & Paula

Highly recommended! Absolutely amazing experience!

Rob & Debbie Teale, Busselton

Awesome day. Can’t believe how lucky we are to see breaching whales right in front. Lovely scones, Hot coffee and a very entertaining skipper. Thanks to all :) Great Scones!

Rob, Donna & Trudy Wyetters

Read good day at sea and the whales were amazing.

Rob, Rachel Evan

Thank you so much John for taking us out! It was great! Thanks for all the food and tea, Sunny and thanks John’s wife for the scones - they were awesome : )

Robert & Ashleigh

Lucky we were; skipper, whales and scones....

Robert & Michile Casola, New Caledonia

Third time out with you. Best trip. Gets better. Thank you for making it special!

Robin, Catherine, Alice and Nic Archer, Perth

A wonderful trip. Very pleasant on board and well looked after by the crew. Exciting to see the breaching whales.

Robyn & Keiren Lane & Dorothy Kershaw

Our second trip. Wonderful. Thank you John. The best experience of my life!

Robyn Knowles 11/6/14

A magical day out with John. The whales were a bonus. Thanks guys.

Robyn Knowles 9/6/14

Unreal - Awesome - Joyous - Not enough words in the dictionary to describe this day. Thank you so much. I will be back.

Robyn Robartson, Perth

Another great trip.thanks team, we’ll be back.

Rod & Katrina Hedderwick, Albany

A wonderful afternoon - great experience. Thanks for your hospitality. A day to remember.

Rod & Trish McDonald, Sunrise Beach, Noosa, QLD

Wonderful morning enjoying God’s Beautiful creation. Enjoyed by our whole family from our 20 year olds to our 2 year old. Thank you for showing it to us!

Rodney & Anita, Stuart & Danielle, Jared, Reuben, Bruce, Marc, Caleb, Hannah and Liam, Ontario, Canada

Wonderful experience

Roland Chong, Lynwood, WA

It was very enjoyable experience. It was wonderful. We loved the music, the on-board entertainment, the food and the whales!!!

Rose, Esa, Mariella, Alex. Cloverdale WA

A most beautiful day - an exhilarating experience. Thank you for the great experience.

Rosemarie, Albany

Tony and Paul were excellent hosts! Scones were stunning! Whales were awesome and the section under sail was exhilarating. We loved every minute of it!

Rosie & Phil McInerney, Moonta Bay, SA

Just as wonderful as the last time we sailed with you!

Roslyn & Gavin Lang

Great trip. Saw whales as promised...terrific commentary.

Ross and Anne

A wonderful experience and thorough enjoyment. Captain John and Peron are the perfect hosts.

Ross Brockwell

Thank you to the crew for such a wonderful morning and a big thank you to John for teaching us all about the beauty of nature and mother earth. I am sure we all left the boat a little wiser on keeping our home a little cleaner and more aware of our footpr

Rowena, Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, Wendy, Connie & Ashley. Ron’s Barber shop

Great Trip. Exciting to see the whales!! :-)

Roy and Gloria Vickery

Thanks for a great sailaway and your wise knowledge.

Roz Boccardo, Goode Beach

Great time. Thank you so much for everything.

Rupert Morrell, Denmark

Awesome! great trip and great scones! Thanks!

Russell & Katelyn, Melbourne

We had a great time, great company and very memorable for me and my 4 year old daughter. First experience on a boat. She loved it.

Ruth & Makayla, Byford, Perth WA

Lovely cruise, intelligent, kind, wonderful crew, beautiful boat and area covered. Totally fabulous. Thank you so much for this.

Ruth L

Thank John for 2 special trips into the wilderness - just amazing! And thank you, in particular, for the interesting and inspiring conversation we had. Thank you.

Sabine Zwick, Stuttgart Germany

Fantastic! View was breath-taking. Service was lovely! Food Yummy!! Thank you so much for the beautiful experience. : )

Sabrina, Sam & Alexis, Singapore

John, what a lovely man you are! Great to see such a passion for the ocean. Scones were a lovely touch too! Thanks a lot.

Sally Ann Antrobus, England

Wow!! What an experience. Couldn’t have asked for a better time. Whales were awesome, dolphins pretty cool too. Thanks

Sally, Chris, Joan

Loved the whole trip. Thanks

Sandra Moore (7 yrs)

Amazing experience. Beautiful close encounter with amazing creatures. The skipper and crew were pretty good too!

Sandra, Albany

It’s a pleasure to join John’s explanations and passion for nature and the wilderness :-) He cares about the animals and made my first sail trip a fantastic experience. I saw seals, sea birds like albatrosses, 2 dolphins and whales. The 2 big Humpback wha

Sandra, Germany

What a wonderful experience. John, your knowledge is great; you made the day extremely interesting. Thought we were going to have to come back in without any ‘up close and personal’ time with the whales, but you and Tony got us there. Fantastic day.

Sandra, Kendenup WA

Thank you for two of the most amazing and beautiful days of our lives. The wildlife, scenery and good conversation are unforgettable. And the scones were delicious!

Sandy White & Dirk-Jan Mattaar, Delft, The Netherlands

What a wonderful time we had. Second time with John and the crew. Thank you guys, we had a great time.

Sanel & Selmira Halilovic, Perth WA 31.5.2014

John and the crew were fantastic. Had a wonderful day and Forrest’s baking was brilliant. Thank you.

Sarah & Byron

Thank you for a lovely time. Saw 7 whales and great experience. Food was also lovely. Cheers xxxx

Sarah & Craig Philip, Perth WA

Awesome day. Crew was great as well. Lots and lots of whales. Thank you. x

Sarah Neil, Albany

My 4th trip in 2 weeks. Each has been different...different views...different weather....different whales. A caring, considerate environmental delight; and a wonderful way of seeing the whales and the Albany coastline.

Sarah Walmsley, UK

Great morning....9 humpbacks! Very friendly staff lovely boat and can tell John has a lot of respect for whales!

Sasha Barnes & Vincent Langlois

Rainy, cold morning with Whales, seals and gulls! :-) We had a great time on board!!

Selena, Daphne, Chinny, Vivian Lorraine, Hong Kong

Nice trip, jumping whales, natural feelings; next time we want to touch whales :-)

Sergei, Perth; Marianna, Moscow

Brilliant! The whales were as wonderful as the hospitality!

Sharon & Phil, Victoria

I was a first time sailor and a little bit nervous. John really helped to teach me what to do. Loved the time on the sea. The whales are beautiful. Thanks John.

Shaylee & Brett Meakin. 25 August 2010

Staff ensured we saw as much wildlife as possible - both wildlife and staff very accommodting. Wonderful informative and friendly. Thank you.

Sheena and Billy Keeley, Bonny Scotland

Wonderful experience. Great Crew! Will definitely come back. xx

Sheila, Mark & Micah, KL Malaysia

Thank you for an absolutely beautiful experience, John and Geoff

Shireen Khemlani, Adelaide S A

Lovely trip. Fantastic to see the whales and dolphins, sealions too! A little bit rough but we had a ball, thanks.

Smallman & Fedec families

We would like to thank you so very much for making our anniversary weekend most unforgettable. We were absolutely in awe of the unbelieveable beauty that Albany has to offer and the indescribable feeling we had when we came almost face to face with the Hu

Steph & Ken, Perth WA

Fantastic Day - Smiling, whales, Seals and Dolphins - not to mention gannets, and of course the scones. Thanks Anke and John for a lot of fun.

Stephen & Karen, Forestville NSW

We had two amazing trips out with JOhn and the crew. Hearing the whales sing underneath the boat was remarkable. Lovely scenery, good information and grteat scones!

Steve & Sara, UK

Thank you so much for your hospitality. The humour and friendliness shown by the crew made for a fantastic outing!

Steve Barnard, Perth

It’s as much of what you feel as what you see. An experience to be remembered always. Love it.

Steve Parker, 11 Aug 2010

I thought it was very eventful. I loved watching the whales.

Steven (10) Mandurah

Thanks for a great trip. The best was the curious whale that came close. Great to be on a sailing boat again.

Sue & Asger Sturup, Melbourne

Fantastic trip, loved every minute, even though my mobile phone ended up overboard!

Sue & James Kellie, Lowlands, Albany

Fantastic experience. Great captain and crewman Highly recommended.

Sue Edmeades, Greenwood, WA

Excellent trip with superb views of humpbacks. John was a delightful host. Hope to be back soon!

Sue Morrison, Kensington WA

It was an amazing and wonderful experience watching whales at a very close distance. I feel honoured and luck to see the whales as I’m sure that my own children will not be able to see these beautiful creatures in future. SAVE THESE WHALES!

Sujitra Soundarajan, Wembley Downs, WA

Thanks for the enthusiastic way you shared your joy and knowledge!

Summer family

Great trip, thanks

Sunny Lim

What an amazing experience! So joyful! Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful day. xx

Susan & Mark Ferguson, Adelaide SA

Today is my wonderful journey to WA. We saw it all; 2 humpbacks, 6 Southern Rights, 2 Dolphins and 1 seal. We’ll never forget that precious moment. Thanks to John and crew.

Susilawati & Budiyanto & kids, Jakarta, Indonesia,

This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nice to see you being so passionate about the animals and the environment. Thanks

Sylvia & Stefan, Belgium

Wonderful serene special day. 5 Whales!

Tania & Geoff, Fremantle WA

Thank you so much for having student discounts:-), vegetarian food and soy milk. Wonderful!!

Teresa & Dominique

Absolutely Awesome! The whales put on the best show, the skipper and crew were wonderful; fantastic hospitality. Thank you.

Teresa Teal, Bassendean WA

What a fantastic trip. Seen a dozen or more whales, 3 calves playing. Thanks John and team. An amazing experience. (Scones were awesome).

Terry & Pauline, Berrigan NSW

Thank you for the wonderful experience you gave us and our 18month-old daughter Montana Hope. It will be something to remember for the rest of our lives. 4 - 5 whales. Priceless!

The Atkinsons, Oyster Bay, Sydney

A wonderful experience!

The Boys family, Brisbane

Twelve years ago we went swimming with dolphins. Today’s trip beats it hands down. Those tails!!! What a way to spend our anniversary. Thank you. xx

The McCabe’s

Had a fantastic adventurous morning spotting whales. The crew have been very attentive serving sausage rolls and scones! Superb!!

The Picksleys, Scotland

Lovely boat ride, only 1 whale, but really enjoyed the morning. Very considerate crew. ;-)

The Powells

Thank you for a nice trip maKing Camilla’s birthday special. Enjoyed the trip thoroughly. (Heard about Albany Whale Tours via

The two Danes, Robert & Camilla

Lovely afternoon. Lots of whales and the scones were amazing! Very knowledgable crew. Thank you.

The Willians, UK

Thanks to the crew for making it a warm and wonderful experience watching the whales. Hopefully we could come back again. Good job done! Thank you.

Thiruselvam & Kasturi, Wembley Downs, Perth WA

Had a great time. Nice scones and really happy to see so many whales. People are really friendly too!

Tim & Edith, Albany WA & Ringwood Vic. 14.6.2013

The Captain’s a ‘bastard’. He he!! Noooo, not really. A wonderful man, fantastic time. Thank you so much for our free return. It was the best.

Tina & Grant

Thanks a lot for the wonderful time and nature and waves. We come back. And from Felix: Great time! wonderful! amazing! wow! Some great drawings I can’t duplicate here.

Tina, Floria & Felix Pollon, Berlin Germany.

Loved all the additional historic facts about the little islands; made it much more enjoyable. Thank you for an fantastic morning :o)

Tobi & Erica

Not just whale watching; sharing a man’s rapture with the environment. Fantastic!

Tony & Sue Colpus, Pakenham, Vic

Fantastic trip - no whales today but we will be back. Loved all the knowledge imparted by John. Thank you so much.

Tracey & Russell, Hong Kong

We had a fabulous time; a great experience. Will do again.

Tracy, Gary, Sydnee Hopkins, Perth

A wonderful voyage with the Pied Piper of Whales (and dolphins and eagles and more whales..WOW!)

Trevor & Palus, Sydney

More than a whale sighting trip. Spectacular ride around island, seals, dolphins. Outstanding staff and captain. Perfect.

Trish & Allan Woodyard, Lara, Vic 4/6/14

Interest, informative and a heap of fun. Really loved the wind and choppy sea and of course, the whales!

Trish & Peter Mullins, Toowoomba Qld

Great. Learnt a lot and had a super morning.

Val & Brea Nieman, McKail

A fantastic experience! Something I’ve always wanted to see and it was worth the wait. Nature at its best. Thank you John & Tony and John’s wife for the delicious scones and jam.

Vanda & Dave, Perth WA

I think it was a very good initiative from you John. The way you involve us in your decision-making was good and made us feel part of the crew. Thank you for going above our expectations. Wickedly awesome :o) Come and visit this small island once.

Vanessa, Ashley, Riad. Mauritius

Our 2nd trip out and yet another great day. We loved the show the whales put on at the end of the 2nd trip. Thanks and will recommend you!

Varena and Geoff, Darwin NT

and I thought David Attenborough lived in England!! Thank you John. I loved your information.

Vicki Bandura

Thanks for another great day on your boat. Keep the steam up and just be you...

Vivi Taulberg, Denmark, Europe

Thank you for your wonderful trip and I loved seeing the whales!

Waiira, Perth WA

Great day - environmentally friendly and creature friendly.

Wayne & Aileen, Bathurst, NSW

Fantastic, amazing. We will remember our day forever. Most amazing and peaceful day. Thank you.

Wayne & Janice Bertram

Thanks so much for the amazing experience!

Wendy Hollingworth, Albany

Superb trip. Wonderful staff. Saw about 10 whales - just a fantastic morning.

Weston family, Narrogin, WA

Magical day with whales, seals. Very kid friendly. Fantastic!

Yeo & Lee families, Singapore

Spectacular!! Entertaining and fun. Well done John, and thanks for the lovely scones too:) Excellent and friendly staff.

Ying, Narrogin

Very exciting trip for us. Weather is good and view is lovely.

Yunus Vee Bell, Hong Kong

Thank you for a fantastic trip. Great message, beautiful whales and an all round experience we all have loved.

Zachariassen family, Perth

This trip was not just about the whales. We witnessed some amazing whales but what I loved most was seeing the passion and love John and crew have for the seas. It was a love adventure, indeed!

Zana & Dixit

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