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Boat Charters

Why Not Charter the Boat?

Available for charter by groups or families for picnics, sunset cruises, parties, weddings, work functions, etc.

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Summer (October to March)

$400.00 per hour plus 10% GST

Whale Watching Season (June - Early October)

$800 per hour plus 10% GST

Choose a cruise duration that suits you - minimum of 2 hours.

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  • Ask about our discounts for groups of 12 or more passengers.

  • Sail-A-Way's design allows passengers to move comfortably around the wide deck with ease and safety. Each passenger with 360 degree opportunities to view the sights from close to the water. 

  • If you suffer from sea-sickness, ask us about the little hints on reducing or completely eliminating sea-sickness.

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