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A Day For an Adventure

7th June 2022

As we cruised towards the Humpback Hwy, we spotted 2 Humpbacks enjoying the calmer waters of King George Sound. The relaxed whales teased us with a display of blows and rolling backs.

While it was nice to spend some time with these beauties, we were in the mood for an adventure! We decided to head out to more energetic waters in search of more energetic whales. Our adventure took us out past Bald Head, and into the Southern Ocean. Despite the water being energetic, the whales were not so. We encountered a travelling pod of approximately 8 Humpbacks. They might have been on a mission, but they enchanted us with their cloud like blows and the graceful rolling of their mega bodies as they moved through the water. The sheer enormity of a whale’s girth as it rolls through the water in front of you is something that needs to be seen to be comprehended. It certainly grounds you and evokes the consideration of your place on this planet.

What an adventure.

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