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A Hard Day With EPIC Reward

11th June 2022

While we experience four seasons in a day on the surface, the water was energetic.

It was a hard day for the skipper.

Our land-based spotter informed us that there were blows out on ‘the line’, so that’s where we headed. Out in the Southern Ocean there were lots of blows … lots of blows from elusive whales. These whales were on a travelling mission and weren’t interested in engaging us today. The water was too energetic to stay out on the Hwy without reward.

On the way back towards the Harbour we decided to investigate the calmer waters off Whale World, and we are sooooo glad we did!

We spotted 2 adult Humpbacks with energy to burn. The motors were shut down and we settled in for the show, the finale of which, would be a once in a lifetime experience.

The 2 whales porpoised energetically all around us. Whilst playing with each other, their attention turned, and they wanted to play with us! They narrowed in with cheeky fly-bys. Disappearing then reappearing just a little bit closer. While all eyes were on the water trying to predict where they might show themselves again, 1 of them surprised us with the most unimaginable gift. It popped up so close to the boat and forcefully expelled moist air through its blowhole, covering us all in a glorious mist of whale snot!

Take that!

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