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WOW ... Wow

6th June 2022

The sky was grey, and the air was chilly. The water was calm but active.

Out towards the Humpback Hwy, between Bald Head and Breaksea Island, we were again, treated to whales galore! Lots of Humpbacks travelling gracefully and seemingly effortlessly. The water surface was broken by cloud like blows and the gentle, hypnotic motion of whales as they rolled through the water showing us their mammoth backs and letting their tails linger in the air, before disappearing and preparing for the next showing.

As we revealed in the emotion of such a beautiful interaction, we were taken by surprise with what would turn out to be the highlight of the day.

Off the front of the boat, a juvenile Humpback launched its missile shaped body into the air, rotated 360 degrees and landed with an enormous belly flop and spray of white water. A truly superlative aerial display.

We are very thankful to our guest, Jeanne, who captured this moment and shared the footage with us.

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